Traditional Hashish Production

We have cracked the nut on this. Old school methods tried and true for hundreds of years passed on by master hash makers. We utilize the principals of aging combined with our own proprietary methods to produce a world class product. Smooth, sweet, aromatic and potent. Produced from selected outdoor land race and hybrid strains. Organic grown and sun ripened. Let us take your crop into the next level. The flavours of yesteryear back again!

Part of the secret to making exceptional Hashish is utilizing outdoor cultivars versus indoor cultivars. In countries like Morocco, India & Afghanistan, where Hashish has been woven into their culture for hundreds of years, outdoor cultivation is the only option and most of the marijuana harvested for hashish production is grown from non-feminized landrace seed. True hashish aficionados will instantly recognize the different types and will tell you that nothing compares to top quality imported hashish. Much like seasoned scotch drinkers will when discussing their favorite Scotch Whiskey.

Trichromes produced on sun-ripened outdoor marijuana differ from those cultivated under indoor lighting. It is of a different consistency and lends itself to traditional hashish making more readily. It produces a product identical to the imported varieties that people have loved for decades in North America & Europe. Our modern methodologies, combined with specifically bred feminized seeds takes Hashish making to an entirely new level.



Produced from true Hashplant cultivars. Sticky, sweet & fragrant. Note how the lumps are forming even without pressing. This illustrates the stickiness of the dry sifted material. Mere gravity at work.



Made from a proprietary blend of four different outdoor cultivars of marijuana, it perfectly replicates the Turkish hashish from the early 1970’s. Earthy, sweet & smooth to smoke. Mellow & relaxing. Where were you in ’72?


Nepalese Temple Balls

Made from three different outdoor cultivars of marijuana, all with heritage from the Himalayans. Hand formed. Very pliable and sticky with a unique and recognizable fragrance. A high end product that creates its own demand.



Made from Landrace Kashmiri outdoor cultivars and Landrace Kashmiri Hybrids. This blending of a pure strain and Hashplant, backcrossed to the original allows for the introduction of a complimentary flavour that is unique, very desirable and above all: Brandable!

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