Feminized Seed Breeding

Indoor /Outdoor & Greenhouse

Our highly specialized methods used in female seed creation are reliable and predictable. For decades our network of commercial outdoor growers have relied on us time and time again to produce hardy, high quality cultivars that deliver even in the harshest seasons. With no susceptibility to frost, whatsoever, our female seedlings can be planted early with little risk of frost damage. We can produce whatever you require, from 1 acre to 100 acres. Female seed is the quickest and easiest route to huge profits from whole plant extracts. We are ready….are you?

Feminized Seed Breeding Indoor

Although our main focus has always been on outdoor & greenhouse cultivars, we have also produced multiple extraordinary yielding, high THC content, indoor varieties that have been the mainstay for some of our selected colleagues for many years. We can provide a custom breeding program to help create a product that will be vigorous, disease resistant and easy to cultivate.  Above all, truly unique quality that will allow you to nurture your customer base and create a solid position within the new marketplace.

You will benefit because of our long term relationships with a vast of network of producers, from coast to coast, that can provide us with access to any strain you wish to include in your business plan. Proven winners in proven mother plant form.

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