Cloning and Propagation

The heart and soul of any efficient operation is the ability to control all operations dealing with cloning and propagation. Knowledgeable people, using proven protocols equates to predicable scheduling and lets you achieve the results you require to keep your operation viable and profitable.

The art of cloning is a talent that can only be taught & demonstrated hands on. It takes time to learn as an instinctive process. Factors, such as, moisture, temperature, and humidity all play critical roles in the success of any mother room/ cloning operation. Without a smooth running cloning facility, your operation will never achieve the performance it could be capable of.

We will train your staff using proven, hands on techniques that will maximize your mother room/ cloning operation. Every type of medium, every type of cultivar, no amount of shortcuts, gadgets or expensive machinery can cure propagation woes. Like cooking and music, cloning it is an art form that must be learned by doing. We can make you successful.

We specialize in a wide variety of techniques from traditional to advanced. The future of your operation depends on a reliable propagation team. We can help you achieve the success that you are looking for.

The frozen seedlings, shown in the adjacent images, can be seen as fully developed mature cultivar varieties by viewing the Garden Walk Through video within the video gallery.

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