Breeding & New Strain Development

There are a few things that are a certainty in the marijuana business. One of them is following trends. It has always been a business of following trends. From the ’60’s with the Acapulco gold, and the 70’s with the proliferation of “Columbian” to today where there are literally thousands of names created for different strains. It is hard to navigate through. To keep your business on the leading edge of new trends, it is important to have in house breeding programs constantly creating varieties that are new and exciting and above all “BrandAble”! There are many pitfalls associated with breeding cannabis. Vigour, disease and pest resistance, ease of plant management are all considerations when choosing cultivars that will be pursued.

With over 30 years of breeding experience and thousands of successful projects to our credit, we will make sure that your organization stays profitable long term and creates the image you desire for your company. We can create whatever your need to exceed your client’s needs.

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