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With decades of real world experience in the industry, Marijuana Horticultural Solutions will guide you through the maze of information and pitfalls to achieve your ultimate goals in the cannabis industry. Our master breeder, with over 35 years of experience, can provide the solutions you need to maintain proven product lines and create new lines to keep an environmentally friendly operation profitable, progressive and reliable.

Solid and consistent genetics will always be the mainstay, in all successful cannabis grow operations. Consistent products and branding can only be achieved by careful preservation of generic materials using proven advanced techniques and manipulation. Marijuana Horticultural Solutions can provide the genetic backbone material for your cannabis grow operations.  We have the answers you need!

Today, the environmental movement demands that producers be more responsible, lessening the footprint on climate change. At Marijuana Horticulture Solutions we believe that outdoor green houses provide an environmentally friendly approach that will contribute to substantial savings and increased harvest yields. Reduced operating costs equals greater profitability! Helping Mother Nature is the responsible thing to do. Let us show you how.

Breeding and New Strain Development

Certified Cost Projection and Analysis

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Extraction Technology

Feminized Seed Breeding

Greenhouse and Outdoor Cultivation

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Strain Stabilization

Traditional Hashish Production

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